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Halloween candy, icons, etc.

2010 October 11

This is Halloween 2010

What was your favorite Halloween candy? It’s been about 18 years since I finally heard “aren’t you a little big to be trick-or-treating?” enough to take the hint, but I think Hershey’s miniatures were probably the loot which I treasured most.

I always buy a bag of some kind of candy or other, every Halloween. I think that at some point, at least, during the dozen years I’ve spent living in five or six different apartments, it was probably at least faintly conceivable that I might have had a trick-or-treater or two show up at my door. At this point though, I’m not even fooling myself; I’m obviously just going to eat the whole bag myself.

If Lakewood loves Halloween, The Iconfactory really loves Halloween. I think they’ve decorated their web site with a creepy holiday theme every year since they’ve been online, and they have dozens of free icon sets you can use to do the same with your computer desktop. Check out this now-delightfully-retro set of itty bitty 32 x 32 pixel icons from 1996. I love the Pac-Man style ghost.

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