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Halloween color branding

2010 October 5

This is Halloween 2010

Halloween has a fantastic color branding position. It basically owns the combination of orange and black. I think even red and green are easier to use without unintentionally evoking a major holiday.

How long has orange and black been firmly established as the Halloween color palette, I wonder? The 1950s? Before? Admittedly it’s a pretty natural combination… orange is a fall color (though by the end of October, most remaining leaves are usually brown I think) and, probably more importantly, the color of pumpkins. And black is the color of night, which I think is probably as important to defining when it’s really Halloween than the date on the calendar. Plus of course, bats, black cats, spiders, and such creepy creatures that fit in with the theme.

But these days I think black and orange create associations directly with Halloween as much as they create associations with other things that we associate with Halloween.

Be sure to check out the cut-out jack-o-lantern PDFs you can download from Modern Alchemy’s Free Stuff page. I originally designed earlier versions of these several years ago at work, one particularly slow day. They livened up cubeland quite nicely.

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