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This is Halloween (month)!

2010 October 1

This is Halloween 2010

I like Halloween. Great traditions, great decorations; a great (Irish) American holiday. Fun when you’re a kid, still cool when you’re (allegedly) a grown-up. Since WordPress doesn’t have an “insert candy bar into post” function (yet, that I know of), how about an assortment of Halloween-related notes, links and other tidbits, instead? (Gotta be better than that house which gives out raisins and carrot sticks at least.)

From a design perspective, I think Halloween may have the best decorative visual elements of any American holiday. It’s a tough one, admittedly; Christmas makes a strong case for itself, but then it’s hard to compare, as I think Christmas’ visual presence is of an entirely different scale, even with as big as Halloween has become.

To see some of the best of what Halloween has to offer in the way of opportunities for visual decor, I need only step outside and walk a few blocks up or down the street. Lakewood loves Halloween, and seems to decorate with commendable enthusiasm. Maybe I will take some photos; we’ll see.

More Halloween posts all this month!

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