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This (really) is Halloween

2010 October 31

This is Halloween 2010

Here at last; time to break out the miniature chocolates and spooky music.

FWIW though, no, I don’t plan on dressing up. I’m definitely too old for trick-or-treating and I don’t have anywhere else to go. I’m not going to the effort of making a costume just to sit around at home eating mini Krackles. The last time I dressed up for Halloween was… wow, nine years ago. I created a Starman costume for the Halloween costume party at Mayhem Comics back in Ames. I was up until like 1 a.m. the night before getting everything finished, and I actually won first prize in their costume contest. (First prize was a foot-high statue of Darth Maul which the store had presumably been unable to sell; I eventually gave the thing away in a white elephant gift exchange at work a few years later.)

Here’s what I looked like, if you’re really curious. The costume wasn’t amazing or anything, though I definitely pushed my craft skills to the limit. The accessories were reasonably good—the Jack Knight Starman costume basically is just street clothes plus accessories—and I will admit to being rather proud of the anti-flare goggles I made from scratch. Those might be what really earned first place for me, though I think I was also competing against a relatively weak field. I recall thinking that the costumed turnout at previous years’ parties was generally far more elaborate.

In any event, thanks for indulging this series of Holiday-themed tangent posts. Happy Halloween, Samhain, All Saint’s Day (tomorrow), etc., and don’t forget to grab up the marked down leftover candy bright and early!

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