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iTunes 10 observations

2010 September 3
by blog admin

So I went crazy and installed the iTunes update mere days after it was released. Hoping there isn’t some critical flaw to make me regret that.

Meanwhile, this update actually gets my attention because, in spite of my having no more interest in making my music player “more social” than I do in making every last corner of the internet “more social” (in other words I won’t be turning on “Ping” any time soon), iTunes now has a new hat! That is, a new program icon:

Icon for iTunes 10 (X?)

How did we ever function before gazillion-color glow effects?

I am particularly amused because, just last spring, I wrote of “the irony of iTunes’ icon… a program for managing electronic music files which is represented by the image of a compact disc.” Perhaps someone else observed that and decided to ditch the CD from here on out. Certainly, two thirds of the “Rip. Mix. Burn.” slogan which promoted early version of the software now seems relatively archaic.

Update 9/4/10: apparently the new icon has drawn some highly negative reactions, with The Steve himself being drawn in to issue a royal dismissal of critics.

I also notice that the overall appearance of the program’s user interface has changed, moreso than in recent versions, it seems. I’m not sure if any of these cosmetic changes are really improvements, but so long as they don’t bring back brushed metal I’m okay. (Really, the brushed metal interface may have been a worse design choice than the Blue Dalmation iMac.)

What I find interesting about the UI tweaks in iTunes ten is that overall, everything has a faded, bleached-white look which reminds me quite a bit of the alterations made to the WordPress interface just a few months ago.

Is this the new “in” look, now? Light gray, pale gray and hint-of-gray white?

Maybe this would be the perfect time for Marvel to reintroduce the ghostly, color-desaturated incarnation of their android hero The Vision.

Cover of West Coast Avengers issue #45

Image via Mile High Comics

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