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Menu Design for Fun and Profit

2009 December 14
by blog admin

New York Magazine‘s web site recently published an excerpt from Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It), by William Poundstone, in which the author points out various ways that layout and typography of a restaurant menu can influence diners’ decisions.

The tricks revealed by Poundstone offer a word to the wise, both for restaurant customers and for restaurant owners; for the latter, they provide an informative argument about why it can pay off to invest in professional menu design even for a small Mom and Pop diner. Assuming, of course, that one’s establishment does at least offer a menu, beyond just “chee’burger chee’burger.”

(Menu photography, as opposed to menu typography, is of course quite another subject; food stylists need to master a whole array of subtle, if not utterly devious, tricks in getting food to look appetizing for the camera.)

Via Free Exchange and Marginal Revolution.

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