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Tristan Rader campaign work

2017 November 14

Much of the 11-month interval since my last post, here, went into my work on the Tristan Rader for Lakewood City Council campaign.

This was not entirely design work. I made a lot of contributions to the campaign, honestly. The bulk of it on a volunteer basis.

But a lot of it was design work. Looked at another way, basically all of the campaign’s design was my work, at any rate.

Rader for Council literature

The main campaign literature

Did I mention that the campaign was a tremendous success?

I have designed campaign graphics a couple of times, now, and I certainly won’t claim that design is a decisive factor or that I have some key to whatever degree of influence it does have.

But I’m proud of what I did, here, in addition to the outcome. I believe this was a good, distinctive visual identity. Overall I think it was cheery and friendly, which we wanted. I was proud of the photography selection, in particular, and the message that it sent in comparison with most of the competing campaigns: this campaign was about more people than just the candidate.

I was also particularly satisfied with this postcard, which was the next-to-last significant piece of literature the campaign produced:

Rader for City Council postcard

If you voted by mail in Lakewood, Ohio, this year you may have received one of these

I had some trouble with this at first, but once I found the layout, I felt like it really brought together all the design features I had worked out for the campaign, in one pleasing package.

Literature was just a portion of my work for this campaign, also. Besides that and the initial campaign identity, I designed: shirts, signs, ads, social media graphics, a web site, e-mail newsletters…

Rader campaign at Lakewood Community Festival

That’s me in back

I even hand-painted a pumpkin to enter in a local charity event.

I really enjoyed working on this campaign, as intense as it was. I’m already doing a bit of work on one 2018 campaign, and ready to do more.

I’m not able to make promises, but I can say with reasonable confidence that I didn’t screw anything up significantly on this one.

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