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Logowatch: DC Comics (again)

2016 May 17
by Matt

Apparently DC Comics have redesigned their logo. Again.

DC Comics logo, mid-May 2016 edition.

Bleh. Meh.

I feel strange posting about this; I update this blog very infrequently nowadays, and I’m also not really a close observer of the comics “scene” any more. I suppose what notice I do take is mostly just habit.

Yet it also feels like I ought to make some kind of note, here, as I have been “on this story” through two previous redesigns.

Which is mostly all that I can say, perhaps all that usefully can be said, about this latest bit of graphic tail-chasing: DC Comics has now rolled out three logo redesigns in just 11 years. Three. I noted the lameness of the 2005 “swoosh” design on a now-defunct blog, then republished some of those comments in this 2012 post on the “toilet seat” design. I’m not sure what there is to add about the latest revision that I didn’t say about one or other of the previous two. I would say that it’s possibly the worst of all worlds, at once 1) gesturing back toward the pre-2005 “DC bullet” design without actually capturing its nostalgic appeal, 2) lacking the shallow but shiny corporate gloss of the swoosh, and 3) abandoning the overeager conceptual and graphic approach and of the most recent design in favor of a very dull approach on both counts.

Yeah I think that about says enough.

That, and “this company has major things capital-W Wrong going on that no logo should be allowed to distract from.”

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