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April 2014

2014 April 2

I signed up to review portfolios yet again, after all, so I’ll be doing that from 11-1 on Friday, April 11. (Sign up here if you want to join me, either as reviewer or reviewee.) I see that this session is the first to sell out, so at least there will presumably be no shortage of students.

After much prevarication, I finally decided to go through with this again largely because I concluded that, by proxy, it’s the equivalent of people coming to me and asking for advice and help. I did not feel quite to the point of saying “no, go away.” (Yet.)

That, plus boredom. Things have been a bit quiet around here of late, and while spring is on the way it’s hardly sit-on-the-balcony or go-enjoy-the-park weather. I did make use of the time to complete the first draft of my second book, for anyone interested.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided that I will at least try to get something for myself out of this year’s portfolio review: I am just going to go for broke and ask about these inexplicable web site splash pages that they all show up with. Again, iirc these mostly went out of fashion when these students were like seven years old. Maybe in pouncing on this I’ll risk seeming even more like Old Weird Guy, but 1) do I care that much? and 2) if it vexes me it might conceivably vex people interviewing them for actual jobs, so perhaps best to prepare them.

Mostly, though, I’m just curious to confirm or deny my theory of out of date professors/assignments that badly need helped into the 21st century.

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