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Lakewood mash-up: pub crawl + trolley?

2014 March 25
by Matt

Right around four years ago, I published a little diversionary project titled The Great Lakewood Pub Crawl Map. This was, in essence, a guide to our fair city’s two bar-lined (roughly) parallel commercial thoroughfares, Madison and Detroit Avenues. Visually, it also belongs in at least a loose sense to the popular if increasingly tired “fantasy transit map” genre, in that I was inspired by the image of stops on a subway or streetcar line.

The great (if out of date) Lakewood Pub Crawl Map

Click for larger image

Once upon a time, of course, these were streetcar lines; though long since eliminated in favor of (sometimes spotty) bus service, that detail aside Lakewood basically is the classic definition of a “streetcar suburb.”

I bring all of this up, today, because (dammit, I’ve buried the lead again haven’t I?) of an unexpected new relevance: apparently, the city of Lakewood is considering bringing back “trolley” service on these streets, largely motivated by their popularity as linear drinking emporia.

Bruce Geiselman writes for / The Plain Dealer / NOMG / whatever it’s called today that

Several Lakewood bar and restaurant owners, with assistance from a city councilman, hope to bring shuttle bus service to the city’s business district along Detroit and Madison avenues Saturday nights.

The service would be free to riders, as the bar and restaurant owners would pick up the tab. The service would use the same green trolley-like buses the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority runs on several downtown routes.

How about that? The story includes a map, too, though it’s a) a loop, b) restricted to the western three-fifths of the city and c) rather less picturesque than the GLWPCM. But, hey, I’m here to help. Saloonkeepers, city council, et al., just let me know if you would like to start working on a guide to the ride.

I’ve got some experience with this, already.

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