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Client success story: VASSAL

2014 February 3

It’s strange that I’ve been around long enough that I can completely forget about some things, even since I’ve been working as a professional. Recently, an occasional client reminded me of a small project I worked on a good five years ago, that had completely slipped my mind: a logo design for a general-purpose virtual board game application called VASSAL.

Property of client

Property of client

This is still in use, which by itself seems surprising; as is typical in graphic design, much of my work is ephemeral, and volunteer projects like this can easily dry up and blow away. But the project is still going strong, apparently. And this design is still in use.

It has a bit of a clunky character seen by itself, in a large format, but I recall that our emphasis was making an effective icon in small formats. And I think that still works; if you visit the site, I think it makes for a splendid little icon in browser location bars and tabs. And, best of all, my client remains very pleased.

Lasting value!

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