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Portfolio updates

2014 January 27

After a year and a half* I can finally share some of the work I’ve been preparing for DuPont, most of which is for its Pioneer division. I’ve added three items to my main studio site here, here and here.

This work is still very restricted in terms of what I can show you and how, which is why I haven’t simply included the images in this post. But, y’know, Modern Alchemy has the professionalism and organization to handle your sensitive corporate protocols for communications and whatever else.

Most of the work so far, meanwhile, including everything that I have permission to share, is pretty businesslike. No award-bait deliberate-freak-out shockers, but then that’s not really my line. I am satisfied with the results in the context of what I’m charged with doing. I included this, for example, because I was very pleased with how remarkably bright and inviting it looks given the limitations of: letter size, no bleeds, and a big huge wall of numbers.

Also FWIW I made various other updates to the portfolio, and the rest of the main site. It’s remarkable how things get out of date… but this should hold us for a while, now.

* Has it been that long already…?

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