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2013 Year in Review

2013 December 31
by Matt

Twenty-thirteen has been, if nothing else, a very big surprise year when reviewed from December. Through 10, even 12 months of this year, it seemed like an average year at best, and frequently like one characterized by disappointment and frustration.

And yet, when I got to the end of the year, I not only received a few pieces of unexpected good news but also concluded that, looking back at the big picture of the year, it has actually been good and even great for me. Also, I find that I have done quite well in accomplishing my agenda from last January.

In the bigger big picture, well… you can read about that elsewhere. For me, though, I did, created or experienced the following memorable things…


February & March

April & May

June & July

August & September

October & November

  • It was not all at once, but I have gradually concluded that I’m going to weather this setback, and perhaps quite easily. That, in a way, is as big a success as any I’ve had.
  • Invented and completed the Remake/Redo challenge.

And, finishing out the year, I completed a commissioned pencil portrait of Ulysses Grant, and migrated to a new Mac, display, operating system and new versions of a couple of key applications.

Happy new year!

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