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Superman party at Cleveland Public Library

2013 June 8
by Matt

Surprised and gratified, a few weeks ago, at a call from Cleveland Public Library seeking/confirming some details for their display of my Superman’s Cleveland map in an upcoming exhibit.

From June 14 through September 14, Cleveland’s Main Library will display “Superman: From Cleveland to the World in a Single Bound: The 75th Anniversary of the Man of Steel.” From their web site:

The Cleveland Public Library and The Ohio Center for the Book are pleased to celebrate the 75th birthday of the iconic Cleveland-born superhero with an exhibit showcasing the wonderful collection of Superman realia, memorabilia, photographs, and sundry paraphernalia from Mike Olszewski, president of the Siegel and Shuster Society. These treasures will be complemented by the Library’s own collection of Superman books and materials, including graphic novels, nonfiction works, and collectibles.

Apparently my nifty map will be among the items on display, which is pretty wondrous to me, particularly considered alongside the fact that I also have a book in the library’s collection. I mean, I’m not in design annuals, I don’t pull six figures (not even close), I don’t have a shelf of awards… but at age 34 I look around me and it does feel as though in a somewhat odd but real way I have arrived, as it were, when I wasn’t looking. And that’s nice.

So, partly for that reason, I plan to attend the exhibit’s opening reception next Friday, June 14 at 4 p.m. It’s open to the public, though, and I understand that there will also be cake. If you won’t come to downtown Cleveland for Superman, me, and cake, I suppose there’s just no help for you.

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