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Prodigal quick links 6/6/13

2013 June 6

Haven’t posted links here since February; it’s now June, so that’s quite a while. But, this year I’ve just basically settled to this blog being little besides a very idiosyncratic personal journal maintained as and when it’s entertaining for me. “Quick links” posts began to feel more like work, so having abandoned a dedication to posting just to “keep the blog active,” I set them aside.

Strange thing is, I have continued saving links to interesting things; less often, perhaps, but after four months I’ve got quite a pile. And on a rainy Thursday afternoon I feel like taking a look at some.

It’s interesting looking back at some of these, now; remember the big kerfuffle over Marissa Mayer’s work-from-home ban? Who cares that much now, though? Other things are perhaps more interesting now, in a way. For example, here’s a link about Adobe knuckling under when called on greed and jerkiness; can we recruit Australia to protest Creative Cloud, too?

There’s also this item about a New York Times front-page above-fold photo by Nick Laham, who “took the photos with his iPhone, and ‘edited’ them solely through Instagram.” I think one may juxtapose it with more recent news of The Chicago Sun-Times electing to fire its entire photography staff, “and rely on reporters to snap photographs with smart phones,” in various ways… but it does seem to invite some kind of juxtaposition.

While I’m being depressing, how about this information graphic about brewing conglomerates and all of the many, many, many labels they’re lurking behind? Some of these I knew, others are like “them too, huh” but Leinenkugel’s? My college-years brew of choice has been assimilated… Really…?

Oh well, most of these other things are pretty neat and cool.

For example, this live activity map from WordPress-dot-com. I can just stare in fascination at its blinking lights… b-deep… b-deep…

The same goes for, really, almost any kind of train map; London’s is of course a perennial favorite, but Britain has other metro systems too. (There is an urban Britain outside of London, as much as this sometimes gets overlooked.)

It also has, like most of the world, paper following an international system; I think many of us know that “A4” is roughly equivalent to our American “letter size” sheet, but this page details the whole intricate (if rationalist) scheme. I’m curious how many of these are really familiar to most people, though; I’m a designer and off the top of my head I can only think of three named paper sizes, really (letter, tabloid and tabloid extra).

To finish up, one link to the old web and one to the new. First, an anniversary homage to “12 of history’s great windows on the Web,” i.e. browsers. Second, an amusing flow chart to help determine where to post that status update… sorry, Google; can’t win ’em all.

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