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A bit more on designers’ value…

2013 May 29

This is interesting, given what I was just writing about. I find that AIGA Cleveland is hosting (promoting? endorsing? facilitating?) a book launch party for two local designers’ new book about how to “Understand, define, and promote the value of your design work.” Ken and Jenn are very casual acquaintances, at best, but I’m confident that what they’ve written will prove thoughtful and insightful. Therefore I note it here for anyone passing by who is interested in getting some additional perspectives on not only what we do and why it does (or does not) provide value, but also how to leverage that.

Design Currency will be available Monday from, well, here at any rate.

I’m in a bit of an interesting ethical quandary over whether to attend this event, meanwhile. The last few AIGA social events I’ve attended have been kind of disappointing, and I’ve been feeling like I’m about done, but having recently published a book myself it would be so interesting to talk with K&J about their own experiences… but as the center of attention one imagines they’ll be fairly busy, and furthermore I’m just uncertain about the appropriateness of going to someone else’s book launch primarily to talk about my own book. I’m sure people do it! But it just seems a bit crass, and I hate to be “that guy.” It’s finally another outing right here in Lakewood, though, which argues for going…

I don’t know, we’ll see. I wonder what Dear Prudie would think.

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