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Free Comic Book Weekend 2013

2013 April 22
by Matt

I want to post just a bit about the upcoming Free Comic Book Day events at Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop in Cleveland. There’s a slight connection to the business of this blog, anyway, as they’ve been printing and distributing my Superman’s Cleveland map the past few years. And this year’s event highlights that same connection, (presumably) in recognition of the character’s (low-key) 75th anniversary.

But mostly I’m posting about this out of plain shock-and-awe at what this store has lined up. There’s really no way to summarize the whole list effectively, and I strongly encourage clicking through to read the whole thing, but a small, small sampling includes:

  • 1.5 tons of comics to give away
  • Custom cover edition of the Superman FCBD comic…
  • …which will be given out at the store and at county library branches
  • Commemorative Superman – Cleveland 75th Anniversary FCBD lithographs ($3 ea.)
  • Free graphic novels to the first 150 people, Friday night and again Saturday morning

It goes on, and on. John signs off his blog post with the advice “Get ready for the biggest comic book event of the year!” I’m guessing that, at least within a generous radius of Cleveland, that’s not hyperbole either. Indeed I must kind of hope not, because reading these plans almost make me worry for the man; at what point do you conclude that things have gone overboard and stage an intervention? I’ve been known to dabble occasionally in The Crazy, but this seems more like going all-out with THE CRAZY. At all events, Free Comic Book Day just doesn’t seem an adequate description, and thus the title of this post.

Frankly, meanwhile, I’ve become almost a stranger to the world of comics, of late. The realities of coping with one of those years, financially, have combined with a long-term fading of enthusiasm; I’ve looked at the list of giveaways for this year and even at a cost of free my reaction is basically “meh.”

But I feel like showing up to this event, anyway, if only out of admiration for the marvelously contrasting passion represented. Here’s a man so crazy about what he does that it might actually be a little crazy, but wondrous to behold, all the same. Respect.

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