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One, two, links 12/1/12

2012 December 1

First out of the in-tray, I like this item about “Companies… beginning to realize how much time [reply-to-all] emails can waste in aggregate across an entire company, and some are looking for ways to outright block reply-all.” Wow, that only took, what, 15 years? I’m particularly amused at one firm’s brilliant idea to restrict reply-to-all to work only when a modifier key is pressed down. How innovative.

Continuing the sarcasm: whoooo, “geurilla cartographers.” Y’know what, do your thing. But it’s 2012: seizing the means of publication from The Man no longer really comprises a revolution anymore. Pretending that it still does makes you sad and embarrassing.

Departing from sarcasm, these “nine ways to give an e-book as a gift” don’t exactly solve the underlying issue, that our concept of gift-giving doesn’t really fit with purely electronic media. (In a future world of unlimited on-call abundance, will the whole concept of gift-giving become obsolete?) But I commend the author for working hard to come up with a variety of cute distractions from that fact.

Another positive pointer: I was impressed by both this blog post by Corey Blake about comics’ seeming one-way relationship with film adaptations, and by some of the very thoughtful comments subsequently appended to it.

Finally, in case you were wondering about these “drones” you’ve read about (or for that matter if you haven’t been reading about them at all yet), the San Antonio Express-News has a neat little information graphic (via letting you know what they look like and how big they are. How reassuring (yes, I’m being sarcastic again).

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