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Halfway to Halloween links 10/16/12

2012 October 16

Fast away the old year passeth? Work, work, faster, ha ha, crack! Crack!

This is my favorite headline of recent times: Creativity ‘a mental illness.’ Or, technically, that’s the link from the BBC homepage; the actual article is titled Creativity ‘closely entwined with mental illness’ but that isn’t nearly as great.

The geography of Americans who work from home; kind of interesting if few huge surprises.

This was also interesting: The Last Pictures project. The idea itself is fascinating, a gold-plated armageddon-proof disc of 100 photos chosen by “artists, philosophers, and MIT scientists, who included biologists, physicists, and astronomers” to represent, I guess, everything that we are and have to share. But I found it additionally novel for how remarkably similar this is to a fictional project described in The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre, a novel about the famous pioneering photographer.

Meanwhile, from the sublime to the lame, I read the other day that eBay has redesigned its logo. And: wow. You look at it and your first impression is that someone asked “what can we do to suck as much personality and uniqueness out of our design as possible while still maintaining a minimal and superficial resemblance to the visual identity people know?” Realistically, though, I imagine that it’s not so much that as just a clear sign of a company that has lost any fun, personality, or real identity in general. Which is, of course, the most popular time for someone to think “hey, we need to re-brand” yet completely miss the real significance of either a brand or a visual identity. Heckuva job, eBay.

Though in fairness, I’m not sure it’s quite as bad as this.

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