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Gray days links 9/28/12

2012 September 28

Seriously, it has gotten awfully gray around here of late. Some sunlight, please? Okay, maybe next month, then.

Where to begin, hmmm, how about this. Jack Shafer advances an amusing suggestion “that it was Al Neuharth and not Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web – with the creation of USA Today.” Boy, USA Today. I have to say, that’s one of those things that I feel like I just missed, as in, by the time I got to college and began studying design plus a little journalism on the side, there was still some grumbling and muttering about this gigantic bomb that USA Today‘s debut detonated… but I was only in preschool at the time of the actual explosion, and thus essentially grew up in a world of newspapers with color photography, etc. Sort of like computers, I suppose. Nowadays, of course, today’s college freshmen have never really known a world before the World Wide Web, itself. Strange how one day you’re Generation Next and then before you know it, you’re just another anonymous adult in that great yawning gulf between Tomorrow’s Leaders and The Senior Vote. Anyway, where was I…

At least I’m a more productive worker. I should demand a raise.

I was going to comment on the challenges in trying to extend the character set of the Hellboy logo lettering—something I’ve had a go at myself—but the T-shirt which prompted the comment has been pulled from the story. Never mind, then.

Let’s round things out with comics-related graphics anyway, though. Item two (after the phantom item one), Warren Ellis has been musing on information graphics in comics, here and here. And, for the hat trick, having complained about Marvel’s awful design more than once, I feel like offering up a positive comment for a change, having been pleasantly surprised at this title page from “FF #22″* which can be seen among the preview pages, here. Not jaw-dropping, but nice; very professional and pleasingly designed-looking. Good work.

* I would get into the complications involved in calling something “FF #22” and how many other publications might plausibly be confused with this issue, based on that identification, but then I would just be wandering back into sarcasm so, as with the Hellboy thing, never mind, I guess.

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