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New ad, classic photography

2012 August 31

Here’s something I have looked forward to sharing for a good while:

'Hands at work' ad, Holtkamp Organ Co

This one would run in black and white even if the publication were in color

This is a just-completed ad for local client and institution, Holtkamp Organ Company. There’s very little showpiece graphic design in here, frankly, but I wanted to post it anyway just because of the fine photography.

My client supplied a number of these “hands at work” photos, which are actually decades old; they’re still relevant to the work today, though, and also just wonderful to look at. I feel like these should probably be on display in a gallery somewhere, really. In the meantime, though, I can give one of them some exposure in this ad, and hopefully some more will follow in due time.

(Unrelated admin note: I’m planning some heavy lifting at the back end of things, here, over the long weekend. If you’re inclined to cross your fingers, pray, light a candle or anything like that, please consider it. I may need all the help I can get.)

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