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Pretty good Friday 8/4/12

2012 August 3

Time for a break from the negativity and argument.

Things are looking moderately promising around here. Recently I’ve been frustrated with a couple of problems which fall outside the purview of this blog, but one of them seems to be solved. The other is not there yet, but…

In the meantime, there are a number of reasons to feel pleased just now. First, remember that Daria episode guide I designed some months ago as a supplement for the DVD collection? I never heard anything about it, and felt kind of bummed about that, but just the other day I discovered that in fact the elusive presence behind the Sick, Sad World site gave it a link. Neat!

Second, in a curious juxtaposition of projects which met kind of a disappointing response, just days later I received a request for a copy of Quantum Whatever: The Broken Circle. And my correspondent’s letter also informed that this request was based on a “good review” in the Xerography Debt meta-zine. I need to order a copy of that now.

Meanwhile, there’s no “August holiday” here and in fact the work picture looks about as encouraging as it has in a long time. Things are going quite well with my biggest new client; one design met with the response “that is on the money — you have got the corporate look down!”

This, admittedly, is probably not quite what I was aspiring for 15 years ago. But, it isn’t all bad. Especially if Im continuing to produce creative work of my own at the same time. And in that vein, I should also note that “Project X” is basically to the point where I can announce it any time, though it won’t be quite ready to distribute for a while yet. So for now I’ll wait, but that one is now definitely on its way, rest assured.

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