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Vintage advertising: en route phone service

2012 July 28

On my recent birthday, I went looking for some entertainment in the middle of Ohio. And while as a rule I think the knee-jerk reactions to a statement like this are tedious and ignorant, in this case they wouldn’t be that wide of the mark of what I found. Oh well.

The destination I was most looking forward to visiting, the Ohio Railway Museum, sounded good on paper (or the internet at any rate). In reality, well, I can say this of the admirable volunteer-run organization: they were hosting a brisk flow of guests that hot Sunday afternoon and I didn’t see any parents with cause to regret having brought their young children. And that’s got to be a pretty fair endorsement as far as it goes.

For the individual 34-year-old, however, the place fell rather short of what I’d hoped. The experience certainly wasn’t helped by the facts that this was the third railway museum I’ve visited in Ohio and that, from my perspective, it’s surpassed by both the NORM and the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum. The Ohio Railway Museum was the only place where I actually got to ride in a train (an old interurban at any rate), admittedly, which is probably a big plus from the little ones’ perspective. For my part, though, an experience broadly similar to riding in a dinged-up city bus for four blocks didn’t really add much value and I would prefer more exhibits, interpretive displays, and actual rolling stock, for all of which the Mad River & NKP in Bellevue is one’s best destination in Ohio by far.

Again, oh well. The Ohio Railway Museum did have interesting things to look at, one of which I found so novel that I really had to share it:

Poster advertising phone from the train!!

Click to view BIG full-size image

I’m not sure exactly what year this is from, but the small call-to-action to purchase war bonds suggests that it must be from the early end of the range suggested by the design and illustration style. And I’m just tickled by the fact that now, probably at least six decades later, people are still eager for essentially the same technology.

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  1. July 28, 2012

    FYI, I can’t enbiggen the image.

  2. July 29, 2012

    That should fix it now — thanks!

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