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Sunday cyber links 7/22/12

2012 July 22

AIGA Cleveland has returned with a couple of items worth noting. The first, scheduled for this Thursday, looks to be the usual hang-out-and-drink event although it looks like there is also some loose agenda of gathering ideas and bodies to organize a new programming year. Second, there’s an upcoming event hosted by this woman, and AIGA has asked designers to “really look at the typography throughout your city and take pictures that you feel represents the city of Cleveland.” I don’t know how motivated I am to provide free content to an event which I would be charged $20 to attend, but it’s an interesting idea to explore all the same.

Meanwhile, an update on the local urban typography which I was making note of myself just the other day. I finally found some information about the new sign system on Detroit Avenue, at the Downtown Lakewood web site. (For being a relatively dense and compact city Lakewood is by no means monolithic in terms of civic organization.) According to a linked PDF, the design is the work of Natalie Ata and James Wilhelm. Good work you two.

Campaign to stamp out Photoshop “airbrushing” in young women’s magazines.

Fascinating article exploring the possibility that photography as a full-time professional living may be going the way of typesetting bureaus and milkmen. I find it particularly interesting in the context of larger economic trends, and this Slate article which posits a future in which relates the (relatively mainstream) view that future job growth will mainly involve being grooms or handmaids for the shrinking number of highly-paid managers, inventors and technicians. The questions raised in these two books reviewed by The Economist would seem to growing more and more important by the day.

Finally, one reminder that living in the future does have its compensations, one of them being encounters with a headline that makes completely straightfaced use of the phrase “Toronto cyborg.”


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