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The presidential address

2012 June 10

The front of a postcard which I mailed out to clients et al., a few days ago:

Madison & McKinley 2012!

That’s where I relocated, last month. As intersections go I submit that it’s pretty respectable, in addition to being a nice little micro-neighborhood home to a couple of other designers, as well as galleries and an architecture firm.

This postcard is basically one of those things which simply seemed too irresistibly silly not to do. The inspiration was probably a combination of this being a presidential election year, and an online ad which caught my eye a few weeks ago for its use of a faux-3D effect something like what I’ve deployed here. The combination of these two stern, starchy statesmen with a garish pop-art style delights me.

Also, as I point out on the reverse of the postcard, Modern Alchemy is now a real honest-to-Bernbach Madison Avenue agency. Though I confess that I haven’t implemented a three-martini-lunch custom, yet, so let’s just call it close enough for government work.

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  1. June 11, 2012

    Tom Scioli has been using a similar faux-3D effect in his latest webcomic. Though his version gets a tad more naseau inducing…

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