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Events: AIGA, comics, derby

2012 May 2

An exciting few days are beginning in this corner of the world!

First, in about two hours I will be heading out to coffee and record shop Loop in Tremont, and thereby either raising my own hipster quotient or else lowing that of both store and neighborhood… though the real reason for going is to attend AIGA Cleveland’s roundtable discussion this evening from 6 to 8. Probably have notes on the experience later.

Then, about two days seven hours from now (if I’ve done my math right) I will be getting in line for the annual midnight madness party to kick off Free Comic Book Day at Carol & John’s Comic Shop. (This is the store which also hands out those awesome Superman-site maps of Cleveland, every day of the year.) I probably shouldn’t even mention this because the line is sure to be long enough anyway, and I really want to be one of the lucky people who gets inside early enough to score a Cleveland Action Brewery FCBD 2012 Ale. How awesome is this store??

And on Saturday, whenever I finally get up, it will be the day of the 138th Kentucky Derby! Which I really have little direct interest in because I don’t follow horse racing; it’s mainly just an excuse to drink bourbon as well as use it to flavor chocolate-pecan pie. Still, it seems fun, and the different flags produced for each year are a nice little nod to design. There’s a house up the street from me which hangs up a dozen-or-so of the most recent flags on the porch every year, so that kind of makes the event feel somehow fun and festive even here in Lakewood.

Finally, looking further out, May 13 is Mother’s Day. Don’t forget Mom!

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