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Easter notes 2012

2012 April 8

Not that I have any notes particularly relevant to Easter, itself. It seems to be a much bigger deal here in Cleveland than back where I grew up, where it pretty much ceased to be any kind of “event” that you made special plans for after you or your children became too old for egg hunts. Anyway.

For my own part, today has more significance as a year since I set off for France. What fine memories. Today I got up fairly early and went out to purchase a fresh baguette from one of Lakewood’s excellent local bakeries. Enjoyed some of that for breakfast along with a cup of Monoprix thé royal ceylan.

While at the bakery, I perused various flyers, cards and posters for local events, and picked up one for this: an international letterpress exhibition which will be hosted by Zygote Press in Cleveland, beginning on the 20th. That sounds fun.

Otherwise, the beat goes on. Mostly just working away quietly; I’m going to be preparing a small project for a friend later today, an invitation for the 45th anniversary reunion of the Beaumont School for Girls‘ class of 1967. It’s likely to be on the wacky side, which I imagine is about the only way one could address such an otherwise-frightening occasion. So maybe I’ll post the result here later.

One other amusing tidbit. A few days ago I couldn’t help noting with interest when Matthew Yglesias posted briefly about how soaring veterinary care spending mirrors the issues at work in human health care. Medical science is constantly introducing new procedures and treatments, and these days the demand from relatively affluent pet owners means that just about any exotic and/or expensive specialty practiced in human medicine is also practiced in veterinary medicine. Which is a phenomenon which, though I don’t own any animals myself, I have nonetheless been observing for some time…

Veterinary medicine book covers

And this is only a small, small sampling from the work of one cover designer

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