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Big Apple April

2012 March 28

Coming up next month, there is of course AIGA Cleveland’s student portfolio review on the 20th, where I will attempt to set a new personal record for number of students I can make cry (kidding, only kidding).

I have also penciled in, and will fairly soon be confirming, a business trip to New York where I will finally meet the client for whom I’ve been doing work for more than a year. And while it will probably be a relatively brief trip, I’ll certainly have time for some other things, which is where I’m ready to take suggestions.

What else should I do when I visit New York?

I’ve been to New York once before, in 2003. I had a very good visit, and while I was only there for a few days it really feels like I “checked off” most of the “must-see” landmarks, etc. I have seen and/or done the following things:

  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Empire State Building
  • Battery Park
  • Ground Zero (formerly the World Trade Center)
  • Central Park
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • New York subway system
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Times Square
  • New York taxicab ride

And while I don’t pretend that I have seen and done “everything” in New York, or even close, I am at the same time uncertain what, if any, “obvious” New York destinations/activities there are after this list. And thus I welcome any suggestions, whether obvious or not. I’m sure I can find things to do, and if I don’t come up with anything else I will probably spend much of my time at the Met, which I’m sure will be worthwhile. (In fact, while it’s true that I was there, it was a pretty whirlwind visit; I recall spending a nice amount of time contemplating the Temple of Dendur, and then making a fast walk through the armor court as the museum was closing, and that’s about it.)

Still, if any of you out there want to chime in with tips, be my guest.

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