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The design work forecast

2012 January 29

Things have slowed down a bit, here, at Modern Ideas the past month or so. Realistically, that’s likely to remain the case for a while. More than two years into this, there are still plenty of things I want to do. But some other things are probably going to take priority for a while.

In both cases, you’ll just have to trust me, to an extent. One big project is definitely happening, and in fact has been in progress for more than a year already, but I’m approaching the make-or-break phase where I will really need to stay focused on it for a while if it’s going to get done at all. And it will get done, at which point I’ll be ready to actually share it here. Hopefully that will be some time this year, but it won’t be real soon.

At the same time, I may soon start devoting a big chunk of time to a new ongoing paid-work arrangement; I hope the previous item may produce money some day but that’s entirely speculative, whereas this other item will provide straightforward, immediate income, if the deal is ever closed. Right now it’s weeks into contract-negotiation Hell between the two other parties involved. Meanwhile I’m just sitting on the sidelines, having already agreed to the terms asked of me, most of which involve confidentiality almost to the “I can’t even talk to myself” degree. In fact, I may never mention this again just to be on the safe side.

So, bottom line, I’ll have a lot going on (and possibly a whole lot going on) about which I won’t have much to say for months, at least. I’m not shutting down this blog, and there are various things I hope to get around to writing here before the year is all of a sudden half over. But a week may go by with no post quite a few times, and I’m not sure that I’ll get around to any free-fun design projects like this, or this, for quite a while.

We’ll all manage.

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