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2011 Year in Review

2011 December 31

All told, on balance, the past year has been a good one, at least for me and my work. (The wider world in 2011 is another issue which, though still of relevance to my own life, I won’t go into right here.)

In brief, I feel like I can look back on an excellent year of creative activity, and on very respectable financial achievement. I do wish that there were more overlap between these two, admittedly, rather than so much of the creative activity being only indirectly funded by old-fashioned, unglamorous “work harder” effort for clients who require reliability and efficiency more than novelty. But, one recognizes that this is by no means a unique circumstance. Particularly having read biographies of William Blake, Poe and Jack Kirby within the past year. (In some ways all three seemed like the same story, played out in the 18th, 19th and then 20th centuries.) At least fiduciary needs and creative aspirations are fitting together somehow, at the moment, whether or not that fit is quite perfect.

For a somewhat more detailed review of 2011, meanwhile, I’ve just gone back over the past 12 months of Modern Ideas posts and flagged particularly interesting and/or significant highlights. And, while definitely a simplified approach, even this has revealed a rather neat little catalog of activity, the extent of which I actually found a bit surprising upon looking back.













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