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Halloween 2011 cemetery photos

2011 October 31

Obviously, I haven’t done any special “Halloween Month” posts, this year. Things going on, and really I think I offered up most of what I had to say, last year; you can read previous Halloween posts if you’re interested.

I do have some photos to share, though, which were taken at a cemetery so maybe that’s appropriate. This past weekend I showed a friend around town and among our stops was Lake View Cemetery, which I would recommend to anyone with more than a day to spend in Cleveland; the history and the views are remarkable in all seasons, really, and that’s not even counting the Garfield Monument or Wade Chapel.

This past Saturday it was especially magnificent in the late-afternoon sun. I think fall color was in the midst of its last, late flowering for this year; already we seem to have turned the corner to mostly browns, now. Hopefully you got outside to enjoy the weather. Here’s what I captured of the fading glories of this year’s autumntime:

Obelisk poking above trees in Lake View Cemetery

Monument in Lake View Cemetery, October 2011

Monument in Lake View Cemetery, October 2011

Monument in Lake View Cemetery, October 2011

My personal preference, FWIW, is cremation and scattering, but if I were to have a tomb I would definitely want to go old school, with a classical statue that perfectly captures the poignant, aching beauty of sadness and grief. But then, I like to visit cemeteries, so this probably doesn’t surprise you.

Rockefeller Monument in Lake View Cemetery

A couple of interesting notes for this image. I don’t have a lot of use for the memory of John Rockefeller, but the play of light on that big, plain granite obelisk that afternoon was just captivating. Also, while walking around the monument, I noticed some pennies left on the edge of the raised letters, which struck me as just plain wrong, if in a very minor way. Rockefeller was associated with small coins, certainly, but they were dimes (and apparently nickels), not pennies. I left a dime, and while I don’t really believe in literal spirits, this put my sense of order and historical verisimilitude at peace, if nothing else.

Two final Halloween-related notes. The same local sightseeing tour included a visit to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, downtown, which is always worth a look and especially since the major restoration recently completed. This time I discovered the new addition of the “tunnel tour,” which takes in the small labyrinth of tunnels beneath the monument; this wouldn’t have been all that interesting or in any way Halloween-related except for the tour guide’s stories of mediums, spirit photography and ghostly presences. These made a timely enhancement to the otherwise very utilitarian brick tunnels, for anyone who does believe in spirits or just likes a good ghost story.

The same groups might also enjoy some recent spooky posts on Jim Shooter’s blog, which I’ve found entertaining the last couple of weeks; the most recent is found here.

3 Responses
  1. Joan Husmann permalink
    November 9, 2011

    I always love Lake View Cemetery. Excellent photograpy!

  2. Judy Curtis permalink
    November 9, 2011

    Matt: those are beautiful pictures..the colors and play of light are so dramatic. Reading your prose makes me sensitive to the beauty of our language as well.

  3. Matt permalink
    November 9, 2011

    Thanks! I’ve been to Lake View three or four times before this, and taken photos every time. But the light was so dazzling that afternoon I just kept lagging behind to pull out my camera and take one more photo, many times over.

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