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Need-a-win links 10/13/11

2011 October 13

Yeah, can I get a win? My beloved Cyclone football team is in free fall after a 3-0 start has gone very wrong; the Browns didn’t play this past weekend but that just means the previous loss lingers on that much longer. And don’t even get started on my personal life.

Let’s link to some stuff:

This is cool, at least: I sent some copies of Quantum Whatever: The Broken Circle to the Salford Zine Library, and it’s now part of their awesome collection. I would love to visit if I ever got the chance.

Fantasy flowchart (in more than one sense): a dazzling guide to figuring out “Which of the All-Time Top 100 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books Is Right for You?”

Lovely cover design: Michael Kosmicki produced a series of book covers featuring, essentially, computer-glitch visual output as the artwork. I’ve always thought this kind of thing occasionally leads to attractive design, myself. “Happy accidents,” perhaps.

May I second this plea? Stop using two spaces after a period. Please.

Thank you.

Meanwhile, this post by one Katrina of Pugly Pixel, titled “Why I Don’t Do Blog Design,” well… I’m probably skating on thin ice here, but, uh, yeah. All too familiar.

Finally, an odd little coda to the disbanding of the Comics Code Authority, about which I posted some comments way back in January. Per the Robot 6 blog, the CCA’s iconic stamp design will become the property of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. A museum-piece is finally taken out of service and transferred to an interested conservator, you might say, I suppose.

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