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Work update, and UKSA logo

2010 March 25

Still preoccupied with a few things. Pitching a big ongoing project, this week. Also trying to clear room for working on an “emergency” dental book cover project that will need to be completed in a hurry. (Which is certainly much better than an actual dental emergency… at one job several years ago, we used to joke about “design emergencies,” although to this day I’m not certain that everyone was using the phrase jokingly.)

One discovery to share, offering an interesting coda to my post about NASA’s logos: the UK Space Agency recently debuted its own new logo.

Logo of UK Space Agency


BBC blogger Jonathan Amos has posted: “Personally, I like it. It’s clean; it’s bold. It says ‘British;’ it says ‘up!'” And I have to agree, it is and says all of those things, although I’m not entirely sold on the sum of its parts.

Once again the concept is pretty good, all in all, but the execution doesn’t seem entirely there. It just doesn’t seem to “hold together” enough, particularly the typography. For one thing, the typeface makes this look (to me, at least) as though it’s some project of the BBC, which certainly says “British” (this type is also of course famed for its use by the London Underground) but I’m not sure I would have gone that route in trying to establish a strong new graphic identity. The type also exacerbates the visual “scatter” of the graphic; with just three words there are two colors, two sizes, and one line is aligned with the central axis of the graphic while the lower line is aligned right.

But, hey, everyone’s a critic. Given the design of the 2012 London Olympics logo, it may simply be that for all my interest in British culture, I just don’t fully grasp their particular tastes in graphic identity.

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