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Lurkers: speak up, or miss out…

2011 September 9

…because the meek may inherit the Earth, but they will not get a look at Quantum Whatever: The Broken Circle, featuring beautiful photography, fine poetry and, of course, my own trademark prose stylings.

Copies of Quantum Whatever: The Broken Circle

Worth the wait. (However one defines the wait.)

My project is back from the printers, and I have 40 copies here, most of which are available for free to whoever asks. In fact, I’ve added this to Modern Alchemy’s “Free Stuff” page.

But you have to let me know that you want a copy (and where to send it). This is a limited-run little indie self-publishing printed art project; it will not automagically appear before you, even if you subscribe to Modern Ideas’ RSS feed. You need to take a step. Leave a comment*, e-mail me; call, send a postcard, even. I’m generally happy enough to work along without much feedback, but this one time, you have to communicate your interest in some way or you will miss out. I’m not going to post a PDF online next week, or next month or, very possibly, ever.

I’ll give a look at what you can get, though. Here’s the Table of Contents page:

Table of Contents from Quantum Whatever vol. III issue 1


I’ve worked hard on this, I’m proud of it, and I would like to share it. Just tell me whom to share it with. Thanks!

* Update June 2013, yes, comments on this post are closed; I finally got tired of spam and set comment threads to close after some reasonable time. You can still comment on a newer post or, of course, use some other method of contact.

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