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Almost-Spring quick links 2010

2010 March 19

Twenty-five years of .com domain names. Apparently there was a dot-com as far back as 1985, even if few people noticed for another ten years after that.

Food for thought: The Great Doubling.

While on the subject of demographics, an interesting note about the 2010 U.S. Census: “The printing of 2010 Census questionnaires uses 30 percent less ink than 10 years ago.” It’s fascinating to consider a project like that, where an almost microscopic change at the design stage could, multiplied by perhaps 100 million copies, result in a very significant increase in or reduction of physical material.

One more Census link: the Census Bureau has a photostream on flickr. Behold a 20-foot tall Census form.

Finally, for information-design and film buffs alike, famous movie quotes turned into charts and graphs. Via Sean Kleefeld.

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