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Quantum Weekend

2011 July 31

It’s a beautiful, beautiful summer day here in glamorous Lakewood, Ohio. And where have I spent the afternoon? The park? The beach? A sun-drenched sidewalk cafĂ© lingering over a frosty-cold wheat beer?

No, I’ve spent it inside at the computer. Granted, I’m kind of sun-averse and might have stayed in anyway, and in fact I did sneak out briefly for ice cream… but mostly I’ve been here working because it’s Quantum Weekend. Which is the dorky but catchy name I made up for this weekend because tonight, at one minute to midnight (EDT), is the deadline (which I also made up) for people to send me things for the 2011 Quantum Whatever zine-thing.

This is the “get serious” weekend for this project, in other words. The good news is that the last person to respond to my invitation to participants was the first to actually participate, and so Quantum Whatever will have a number of heart-stopping gorgeous photos from Danielle as well as several poems, also by Danielle and better-still not by me. As for the other two people who said they’ll contribute something, well, they have just over six and a half hours to get it (or a request for more time) to me, or else break my heart…

In the meantime, I have certainly not been just sitting here waiting. I’ve had my own text and photo contributions ready for a month or so, now, but I’ve wanted to include some kind of drawing. And then I had the inspiration to draw a comic, and finally settled on a subject. Then I made thumbnail sketches that I was happy with. And then I set them aside and began putting off the actual drawing, because I do so little drawing anymore that the prospect really intimidated me.

Which is yet another reason why it’s good to have deadlines, because with Quantum Weekend drawing near I finally sat down and got to work this past week, and finished up my two-page comic yesterday. Today I scanned it in and did some minor touch-up work, and placed it into my working document which I’ve also gotten underway.

I am ready. I still have some hope that a deadline will motivate one or two other people and that there will be more than two names on the QW2011 masthead, but this is happening regardless.

Not for us, the passive spectator life.

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