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Late-July links 7/28/11

2011 July 28

Let’s start things off with a couple of Superman-and-Cleveland links. First, Cleveland’s Siegel and Shuster Society is apparently collecting signatures in support of a “Birthplace of Superman” license plate. Friend Sean notes the absence of any information about trademark issues; Ohio has about a zillion specialized plates, however, and many sport trademarked graphics so I imagine that the BMV would be prepared for licensing negotiations if this idea takes off.

Meanwhile Carol & John’s Comic Book Shop, which published the “Superman’s Cleveland” map, was in San Diego last week as a nominee for the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer award. Although the 2011 award was taken home by Comics & Vegetables of Tel Aviv, C&J deserve big congratulations for being nominated. And for deserving the honor; I’ve visited comic stores from one end of this land to the other, and I can honestly say that Carol & John’s is one of the best.’s Picture Show blog has an amusing slideshow of “astrovertisements,” i.e. landscape-sized promotional graphics (and other artworks) visible only from high altitude. Makes one wonder if the Nazca lines were actually some sort of big marketing stunt.

While, in South Korea, the educational system has decided “that its students are ready to ditch paper textbooks in favor of tablet PCs.” One consolation for those of us living in the past: no other society is in quite the same position as South Korea to try this, arguably, as “15-year-olds in South Korea scored highest in their ability to absorb information from digital devices, beating runners-up New Zealand and Australia by a large margin.”

And finally, if you still enjoy the printed book, take a moment for James Bridle’s recent “received goods” post at, in which he features several remarkable examples of this still-evolving media.

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