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Back with loot

2011 July 19

Turned 33 last week. Back in the office now, comfortably busy again (aside from the dog-days heat; that‘s not really comfortable) but here are some neat things I picked up during my extended-weekend trip:

Birthday loot, 2011

There's other stuff, but this is most of what you'd be interested by

I’ve barely begun to spend time with most of this stuff; I haven’t seen The Secret of Kells yet, e.g., though it sounds magnificent. Likewise I expect to enjoy the Atlas of Remote Islands, when I get around to it.

New Fodor’s guide for Europe, updating my much-thumbed 11-year-old guide. This version trims things down to focus on fewer countries, which is good and bad; I’ve never been very likely to visit Latvia or Slovakia, e.g., but then most of the fun of the old guide was reading about places anyway. This version also uses coated paper and two-color printing as opposed to the black and white, newsprint guide from 2000. It’s definitely brighter but I’m not sure about the choice of orange for the second color. Oh well.

Sturmer’s The German Empire, which I’ve read before, is a little gem of a book. I love the translucent dust jacket.

I ended up receiving seasons one and two of The Universe, and the packaging makes an interesting comparison. Season One comes in the form of a cardboard slipcase containing four “skinny” plastic DVD cases. Season Two has five discs packed into one metal case, by contrast. Odd. Still, pretty good job with both.

White Rapids is a graphic novel, of sorts. I’m not sure there’s anywhere in the book with more than one panel per page so it ends up being much more like a child’s picture book; whether those are or should be considered “comics” is a matter for others to argue about I guess. It’s a neat little item, in any event. The story is definitely interesting and it makes pleasant reading, but it’s very very breezy. The art is detailed and delightful, but the first read still went veeery fast.

Beneath that I have a sheet of the industrial design stamps; these are awesome!

And of course another Sherlock Holmes book, for my growing collection.

Last, a CD of Rudy Vallee’s “Vagabond Lover.” This is a custom package, put together by a friend who was apparently inspired by my Christmas gift to him, of a disc of Bix Beiderbecke tunes, within a custom-designed and hand-assembled paper case.

Good times, good times.

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