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Work update, upgrade decisions

2011 July 6

It feels like we lost a day somewhere, recently, doesn’t it? It feels like Tuesday, I mean; probably for you too. But it’s already Wednesday evening.

I could sure use that lost day back, since work is suddenly stacking up after a sort of pre-holiday coma in clientville. Already I have three new book cover projects, all at once, and the abbreviated week is only half-over. Predictable, really; I’m not particularly surprised by this. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be a busy busy next-several-days.

Ah the freelance life.

I am glad that I used the slower time recently to make a lot of headway on a cool project. Having decided that friend Sean’s encouragement about book-making was a good idea, really, even if not for Sherlock Holmes, I’ve found something else which I decided I would like to have as a printed book and which actually has no such edition at all, to my knowledge. Hint, it won the Orwell Prize a few years ago.

Gimme a week or two and I’ll get back with more on this.

Also, I was thinking about upgrades earlier today; I had a brief worry when I read that OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) is likely to drop support for the Intel Core Duo processor. “Isn’t that what I’ve got?” Fortunately, no; my trusty iMac has the Core 2 Duo processor, which will apparently remain ahead of the obsolesence curve for a bit longer.

Of course, as I’ve noted, I’m actually in no hurry to upgrade to 10.7 and indeed sort of prefer to put it off as long as possible as it will mean enforced separation from my beloved companion of more than a dozen years now, traditional Eudora. (I’m becoming even worse than Strong Bad with The Paper, I realize.)

Still, it occurs to me that I’m kind of steering toward a kind of upgrade “perfect storm,” here. My iMac is five years old, and I’m at least one version behind the latest iteration of every Creative Suite program; I could conceivably end up having to upgrade computer, operating system and major design software applications, plus have to find a new e-mail program for the first time ever, all at the same time. Aside from expense, that will be a nightmare.

I can probably avoid complete chaos but I’m going to have to stay on top of this and also make a move, at some point, here. Oh well. Better than having the BOFH control everything.

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