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Long days links 6/23/11

2011 June 23

The days are long, though they turn back now toward brevity; tomorrow’s potential daylight shall be more-fleeting by 10 seconds. Fortunately you probably don’t need daylight to check out these recent tidbits from the world wide web:

If you’re looking for a new time-waste, forget Facebook and check out The ReDistricting Game. Re-draw congressional districts for imaginary American states while confronting very real pressures that produce what we call “gerrymandering.” The interface could use some work, but if this sounds anywhere near as much fun to you as it does to me, you must try it.

Meanwhile, as long as I’m brushing up against things political, I may as well note this week’s announcement of new cigarette-packaging standards, now with 80% more revulsion. For what it’s worth, count me as a non-supporter. Not least because, objectively, cigarettes seem like a tremendously arbitrary selection for this approach out of all the products to which authorities could potentially apply the same measures. Moving on now.

Print innovation 1: new biodegradable ink from Delhi-based startup.

Print innovation 2: Bank of Canada, meanwhile, goes in the opposite direction with non-organic polymer for new, more-durable large-denomination banknotes.

So much for Apple’s intended consumer/professional division of products: 27-Inch iMac Core i7 With SSD Is Fastest Mac Ever, per MacWorld tests.

Digital-media innovation 1: familiar cyber humor involving nonexistent TLDs, such as “dot-bomb,” may no longer work within a few years as ICANN opens the floodgates for “virtually unlimited new [top-level] domain names.”

Digital-media innovation 2: I’m not even sure what this means. Is it like a holographic camera?

Finally, I want to call out yet another item on the consistently-entertaining Jim Shooter blog: “When Is an Art Director Not an Art Director?” Already much-abused by ad agencies, the term was apparently stretched to new limits by Marvel Comics through the 1970s and 80s. Plus, the origins of “Romita’s Raiders” and “Perlin’s Pirates.”

2 Responses
  1. June 23, 2011

    Isn’t that camera frickin’ AMAZING? I saw this report last night and was blown away. The simple foreground/background shots are cool, but that crowd image with the dude in the Joker mask is incredible.

    Honestly, though, I can barely begin to fathom the implications.

  2. Matt permalink
    June 23, 2011

    Me neither. Hulk am confused!!

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