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New free stuff: GLWPCM

2010 March 11
by Matt

Tomorrow (or possibly tonight, depending on your attitude) marks the beginning of the weekend. Moreover this is the last weekend in the run-up to the international drinking festival of St. Patrick’s Day. So what better opportunity to present, after months of careful research, The Great Lakewood Pub Crawl Map.

The Great Lakewood Pub Crawl (bit)map

You've gotta love this town

If you’re familiar with glamorous Lakewood, Ohio, then you may understand why this was just one of those items which, if it did not exist (which to my knowledge it didn’t), we would have to invent it. It seems so obvious: Lakewood is largely defined by two commercial thoroughfares, Madison and Detroit Avenues, both of which are lined with bars, pubs and taverns. (We also seem to have a remarkable number of hair, nail and/or tanning salons, but these have somewhat less relevance both to me personally and to the idea of a journey with multiple stops.)

Though very simple in concept, I have to confess that this proved a remarkably tricky project in practice. I may come back later and relate more of the thinking which went into making this map, as opposed to any number of variations, but for now a few basic notes:

  • The GLWPCM is intended to be a map of those establishments, on Detroit and Madison Avenues, where one can purchase an adult beverage and sit down to enjoy it on the premises. The idea being that one can plan, or at least imagine, an evening’s exploration of different bars in close proximity along a straight line (which, if you can no longer manage, means it’s time to call it a night). No offense or slight is meant to those Lakewood businesses which do not fit these criteria.
  • Effort was made to include every establishment which does match the above criteria, but businesses open, close, change names, etc. Some have come and gone even in the few months since this project began. Notification of errors or omissions is welcome; please e-mail
  • For multiple (and one would like to imagine obvious) reasons, this is meant as a walking map. Distances are mostly to scale, but not every street is included.
  • This map does not constitute an endorsement of any establishments shown by either myself or Modern Alchemy LLC. Believe it or not, the research for this map actually consisted of online searching or going on very long walks rather than having a drink at every bar in Lakewood, the majority of which I have in fact not personally visited (I’ve lived here for less than two years and, as one can see, there are quite a lot of them).
  • The GLWPCM is free to download and print for personal use. Anyone interested in distributing this map or some variation on a larger scale is welcome to contact me.

I hope people will enjoy this map and, whether making a tour or just staying in one place and musing, raise a glass in celebration of Lakewood’s vibrant night life. I also hope that responsible adults (everyone else, ideally, will wait for age and/or maturity, first) will exercise some common sense: as the GLWPCM makes plain, even one drink per stop could add up with dizzying speed, during even a half-mile jaunt. Don’t try to do too much at once.

Respect Lakewood and its bars.