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Weekend Links 6/4/11

2011 June 4

A fine June day. I can feel the effort of breathing, definitely, but all in all it has been an astonishingly allergy-light spring for yours truly. Bewildering, almost. But, onward.

So first of all, just in case you are unaware, the new food pyramid (which is no longer a pyramid) was unveiled this past week. I wrote abouts its predecessors here. As for the new plate, I’m not sure what there is to say. It has some positive qualities, and is far from the bad-joke which was the immediately-previous design. Meanwhile America will probably go right on filling up with wings, chips and 86-oz. soft drinks, anyway.

For those interested, this blog post about another federal-government-agency infographic, and how a straightforward approach to such projects is anything but straightforward, may provide some interesting context for evaluating the new non-pyramid.

Not for the faint of heart: turns 15 and posts a look back and past homepage designs.

From the BBC, an update on the rapid adoption of digital displays in outdoor advertising. I remember some months back driving up the freeway on a gray, rainy evening and seeing a billboard gleaming through the murk, cycling through a series of different ads. At that moment it definitely felt like I had arrived in the future (or at least an outtake of Bladerunner.)

Twenty-first century work: telecommuting (or teleworking) is easier-than-ever with modern technology and offers considerable benefits, but remains a minority phenomenon for the same old reasons, e.g. “a perception from some that it amounts to skiving.” Owning the whole enterprise goes a long way toward nullifying that one, fortunately… though I’m not sure how it plays into seeming 24/7 attachment to the mobile phone. I definitely don’t keep my phone by my bed. In fact, unless there’s a particular reason I usually don’t even set an alarm or have the clock facing my bed at all.

Trust me, that’s the way to live.

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