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Unofficial end-of-spring links 5/29/11

2011 May 29

Good day for a bike ride this morning. Good breakfast of whole-grain muffin and fresh juice. Yay healthy living. Bleahhhhh

Anywho, let’s clear out this folder of web shortcuts before the holiday:

Another A/V feature, for those interested: this one a brief musing on the history and possible end of ultraskyscrapers in American architecture.

What is the URI, and why does it seem to be taking the place of the familiar old URL in some things I’ve been reading lately? (Mostly seems to be an equivalent of typographers’ particularity about fonts vs typefaces, etc.)

To Flash or not to Flash: questionably-named new “Hype” application attempts to offer a GUI substitute for Adobe’s animation software using HTML, CSS and javascript.

Future of writing, reading, “books” and publishing? Eoin Purcell writes a thoughtful examination of how these components may end up with a complicated variety of relationships in place of relatively simple “traditional” models. (Speaking of models, I think the diagram at the end seems like it really wants to be a three-dimensional object, which nonetheless illustrates Purcell’s point fairly well.)

This is pretty fun: examination of a new pixels-to-vector algorithm and its potential for converting 8-bit videogames to high-def. Of course, for fans of the pixellated style, this might seem a movie-colorization-type sacrilege, about which I shall have more to say soon…

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