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Work update 5/9/11

2011 May 10

I think the monsoon season has just about finished here in northeast Ohio; fingers crossed. Genuinely warm weather forecast for the end of this week, too. May be nearly time for that first ice-cream run.

My unofficial (i.e. completely imaginary) off-camera stint on American Restoration is finished up. Again, if anyone wants a vintage pinball machine or tabletop slot machine game, I’ll put you in touch with my client.

Work proceeds on the publishing front. Recently finished up the complete cover for the “Case Studies in Nursing” series which I’ve mentioned:

Full cover for first book in Case Studies series

Not on sale quite yet; soon

I think this will work pretty well. The front cover design wraps around and repeats on the back cover nicely; the front also includes a good family of tints and shades which can recur on the rest of the book. Again, not showy, but as more books appear in the series I think everything should look nice together. (Collect ’em all!)

Otherwise, various things are in a state of slow progress or dormancy; they’ll probably all take off again at the same time. So it goes.

Watch this space.

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