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Down with ‘Sweetest Day’

2011 October 6

As October has rolled around once again, can I just say, for the record, that “Sweetest Day” is simply awful? WTF, indeed.

Cleveland has given many fine things to the world, but “Sweetest Day” has to be the most nakedly shameless manufactured “holiday” ever foisted upon society by florists, confectioners and greeting card companies. Even if one thinks that Valentine’s Day itself is nothing more than a sales gimmick created by these industries, we already had Valentine’s Day since the 19th century; trying to concoct a second such occasion on top of that was just pure greed.

Allegedly this scam has spread throughout the northeast and the Great Lakes region, though I never heard of it until moving to Ohio. It will go no further, though; the good people of Iowa and Minnesota will build a firewall along the Mississippi and check further encroachment on what is rightfully Halloween’s month.

Back, BACK I say!

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