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Beauty shots, France

2011 April 23
by Matt

Splendid day here in Lakewood, with warmth and sunshine in combination, at last. After, all in all, pretty dismal weather since I returned from France up until today.

Whereas en vacance, it was absolutely fantastic weather every day. Not always warm, but never cold; sometimes cloudy in the morning but the sun always prevailed by mid-day.

As a result, I was able to take advantage of some splendid lighting conditions for photography. Those gothic chapels and cathedrals, especially, were at their very best with so much light to pour in the soaring stained-glass windows.

So I want to share a few photos; I don’t think anyone particularly needs the everyday touristy “here I am in front of the Eiffel Tower” stuff, but I managed a number of photos which I think have modest artistic merit.

Bayeux Cathedral

Bayeux Cathedral, late-afternoon

Mont St Michel

Mont St-Michel. This place is just indescribable.

Cathedral at the top of Mont St Michel

The cathedral at the peak of Mont St-Michel. I did not retouch this photo in any way.

May post a few more of these at some point.

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