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2010 March 4

Thanks to all of those who have stopped by the new Modern Alchemy web site; I’ve particularly enjoyed hearing positive comments as well as updates from so many of you. Elsewhere on the web this week…

Earth: now with 17% greater color accuracy! The BBC shares some new photos of Earth from space, apparently “the most true-colour images of the entire world released to date.” (I made up the 17% statistic, however.)

One of the TVs at the Y was showing an infomercial for this, today, and it just amused me. I imagine that the basic method, here, is not new, but the idea of directly airbrushing someone’s skin, rather than airbrushing their photo, seems both obvious and novel at the same time.

Finally, this spring will mark ten years since that proud and memorable day when the College of Design’s Dean held out my degree and asked “uh, what’s your name?” (That’s more or less what happened, yes; you’ve got to have a laugh I guess.) Classmates are organizing a reunion back at dear auld ISU and, while it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to attend, I wish everyone my best.

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