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Cheap is not always cheerful

2009 December 17
by blog admin

If you’ve wondered why Modern Alchemy charges what we do, or more specifically, why we think you might want to pay that much instead of a lower amount, it’s because we want to bring creativity and long experience to your project to produce the best work possible.

It is not, by contrast, because you can’t find people willing to work for less. Undoubtedly you can. Naturally, it has been and is my belief that significantly lower rates usually equate to significantly lower quality of product and/or service, though I was still surprised by the frustration and anger evident in this recent posting to Cleveland’s craigslist (mirrored here if the original has expired).

Modern Alchemy is in our fourth year, and I’ve been a design professional for the past decade: we won’t disappear into the night and leave you hanging. Promise.

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