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Back on the street

2011 April 18

Lovely, lovely week in France. Has weather ever been more glorious for six days in a row in April? A magnificent time. Still just beginning to digest it all, really.

I will have quite a few things to share, in the days, perhaps weeks, ahead.

But first, back to work. In truth I’ve been back at work on things since Friday evening, but today it’s official. And that’s fine. Vacation was splendid but it is also good to be back in the saddle, back doing my work, re-freshed and (kind of) rested.

I’ll have a number of work-related items to share as well, as I can get them photographed/scanned/written-up. Here’s one which I completed just before leaving for France, the first approved front cover for my new friends in NY:

Front cover of 'Crop Adaptation to Climate Change'

As usual, on-sale from John Wiley & Sons at some point in the future, probably yet this year

I came up with what I felt were a number of good design options for this book, and I think the final design works well. There is life in the good old “bunch of boxes” model, yet.

Righto, then. Let’s go create.

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