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Thank you for five years

2011 April 5

Five years ago, today, Modern Alchemy LLC officially opened for business. At the time, it was arguably a whim; now, it’s a five-year-old business and my livelihood.

So: thank you. Thanks to everyone who has supported this venture over the course of five years.

Modern Alchemy LLC: Aged 5 Years

Some things get considerably better with age...

The above image is the front of a postcard I sent out to every Modern Alchemy client I could still find contact information for. I’m sharing it here now because, 1) it was fun to create and 2) I just want to say it again.

Thanks, so much.

Also, an extra-special big thanks to Copy King, which has been a preferred vendor for years and, as though that were not enough, insisted on printing these postcards gratis. (I was leaning toward them for the 2011 Quantum Whatever revival, anyway, but this definitely seals it.)

This evening, I’ll be making a short stroll down Madison Avenue to the Buckeye Beer Engine for a modest celebration. Those who can be there in person are welcome to stop by; those who cannot are invited to raise a glass wherever you happen to be.


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